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 Casual Leave (CL)

Service <=upto 10 years - 10 days 

>10 years -12days

Optional Holidays (OH)

max 2, depending upon the

 holidays declared in the

said year 

 Half pay Leave (HPL)

Advance Credit 10 days on 25th June

Advance credit 10days on 25th Dec 

 No Accumulation limit
 Earned Leave (EL)

Before 28.06.1977 31 days per yr.

After 20.06.1977

* upto 5 yrs       22 days per year

  5 to 10 yrs       24 days per year

10 to 15 yrs       26 days per year

15 to 20 yrs       28 days per year

More than 20 yrs  30 days per yr

 Max Accumulation

300 Encash-ment only once

in calendar year.

 Extra Ordinary Leave

Upto 3 months on non medical grounds

21 months on Medical grounds 



Maternity Leave (on full pay) For period of 135 daysPaternity Leave: 15 days (on full pay)  

Special Casual Leave (SPCL)

Participation in recognised

tournaments, cultural activities,

training, coaching camps,

 in sports by recognised bodies,

meeting of technical,

scientific or professional institutions,

Home Guard duties and blood donations

Upto 30 days in a year  

FACILITIES PF,Pension,Gratuity etc


 Name of FacilityContribution of Employer On Superannuation On Death while in Service On Resignation 
 Provident Fund12% Contribution on Basic+DA Employee's plus an equal Employer's contribution in excess of Rs 541/- plus interest (from year 2001-2002 only 9.5%) Employee's plus equal Employer's contribution in excess of Rs 541/- plus interest (from year 2001-2002 only 9.5%) Employees' plus an equal contribution in excess of Rs 541/- plus interest ( from year 2001-2002 only 9.5%) 
 Gratuity  Eligible on completion of 5 years of service @ (Basic+ DA) last pay drawn x 15x No. of yrs. Divided by 26, subject to max of 20 monthswage or 3.5 lakh whichever is less. 

Upto 1 year = 2 mths wage

Bet 1-5 years=6 mths wage

5-20 yrs = 12 mths wage Above 20 yrs= * 

Eligible on completion of 5 years of Service @ (Basic + DA) last pay drawn x 15 x No. of yrs divided by 26, subject  to max. of 20 months wage or 3.5 lakhs 
 a) Death relif fund (DRF)Rs 5/- per death  Rs 22500/- (w.e.f. 25.09.2004)  
 ECCS (R&D)Rs 5/- per death -NIL- Rs 25,000/- 



 BHEL Group Saving Linked Insurance Scheme (GSLI) w.e.f 25.4.1987

E1 to E4

CAtegory: A Rs 34/- per month 

Above E5

Category: B Rs 68/- per month

Contributed amount plus interest 

E1 to E4 (Category:A)

Rs 40,000/-  

Above E5 (Category:B)

Rs 80,000/-

Contributed Amount plus interest 
 Group Insurance Company Scheme* (CIS)/EDLIS CoverNIL NIL 

E1 to E4 (Category:A) Rs7,00,000/- +Rs62,000/-

Above E5 (Category :B) Rs 10,00,000/- +Rs62,000/- 


Resignation: Three months notice period or surrendering equivalent EL. One month waival by Corporate Office allowed if no vigilance case is pending and EL was not encashed during the last one year.

*Half a month's emoluments for each completed half year of qualifying seervice subject to maximum of 33 times of emoluments or Rs 3.5 Lakhs whichever is less

Wage=Basic Pay + DA

 GOI Pension Scheme (1995):
For the employees who attained the age of 58 years, the following documents need to be submitted for getting the monthly pension.

Form-10D provided by the Personnel Department

Latest Joint photo- post card size) of self along with spouse and children below 25years- 3 copies

Three Xerox copies of date of birth certificates of children below 25years of age duly attested by a Gazaetted Officer.

Three xerox copies of 1st page of pass book of the Pension receiver(s) (not joint) savings bank account in any of the branches of State bank of India or Andhra Bank

Family members list.

Life Certificate to be submitted in the bank every year in the month of november, from where pension is drawn

Amount of Pension:

Monthly Pension=A+B(1.096)^C

A=Rs 6500*(No. of Years of service from 16-11-1995 to 58 years)/70

B=Rs Past Service Factor (based on service from joining to 15-11-1995

(upto 11 yrs 85/-. 11-15yrs-105/-, 15-19yrs 135/-, >19yrs-170/-)

C=58-Age of Employee on 16-11-1995

(Approximate curve fitting,Exact values available in GOI publication)

Leave and Medical Facilities:


 Name of FacilityOn Superannuation /Retirement On Death On Resignation 
 Encashment limits

Total EL+HPL# 

Total EL+HPL Only CEL 
 Retired Employees Medical Facilities

Lump sum payment as enrolment fee 

 Renewal fee per Annum 
 Retired prior to 1.8.1999Rs 1300/- RS 1800/- Rs 500/- 
 Retired after 01.08.199950% of Basic Pay 50% of Basic Pay Rs 100/- 
 Eligible Dependents for Medical & LTCDependency of Children will be only upto 25yrs of age. or till they complete their education and daughter's till they get married. However, if they are earning more than Rs 1500/-p.m they are not dependents.Both parenst income from any source should not be more than Rs 1500/- per month  

#EL=(Basic+DA)*number of days divided by 26,upto a max of 300days. However, tha amount received over and above of Rs 3.00 laks will be taxed (at the time of superannuation)

HPL=1/2(Basic+DA)* No. of days divided by 30, up to a max of 480days only at the time of superannuation retirement or death. This amount is fully taxable.